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Bonaire at Buddy Dive Resort

Aug 31-Sept 7 2013



Join us for our fall getaway in the southern Caribbean! What could be better than a week in a tropical paradise? Well, how about several free programs from Ned and Anna deLoach! Need more? How about Free Unlimited Nitrox for the week!

It is difficult to pick up a dive magazine any month out of the year and not read accolade after accolade about Bonaire. This southern Caribbean destination boasts lush, healthy reefs, easy-access shore diving, and an amazing fish population. Routinely rated in the top 5 (often Number One) in multiple categories, Bonaire is a destination not to miss.

One of the first islands to recognize the importance of protecting their reefs, the Bonaire Marine Park was established in 1970. Consequently, Bonaire’s reefs and fish life are amongst the healthiest and most abundant anywhere. Stop by Down Under to see the underwater video from our past trips to Bonaire!



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