Aboard the Tropic Dancer

Mar 21-31, 2013



One of the most exotic dive destinations in the world, Palau is high on the wish list of every diver. Just a sampling of the marine life in these waters has even the most seasoned diver drooling in anticipation: Manta Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Titan Triggerfish, Mandarinfish Gobies, Giant Clams, White-tip Sharks, and much more. Palaus mushroom-shaped rock islands offer a variety of exciting dives: WWII wrecks, channels teeming with Titan Triggerfish, blue holes, a freshwater lake with stingless jellyfish and even a few caves. There are also sheer walls covered in lush soft corals and huge anemones. There is no wonder Palau is called “one of the seven underwater wonders of the world.”

Our home for the week is the Palau Tropic Dancer. The comfortable 106 ft Dive Yacht makes the ideal platform from which to explore Palau’s reefs. The convenience of having your stateroom, entertainment salon, dive site, sun deck, and dining salon all within feet of one another makes it difficult to return to land-based diving. All dives are made from the 18-passenger dive skiff, which is lowered into the water by a hydraulic cradle. This is world class diving aboard a comfortable live-aboard.




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