Duke Hyperbaric Chambers 


Divers Alert Network Headquarters


Saturday, March 16


Join the Down Under Divers Scuba Club for a Saturday morning tour of the Divers Alert Network headquarters, followed by a guided tour of one of the world's leading hyperbaric medical facilities.  In addition to routine patient care, the Duke Hyperbaric Center is home to countless studies conducted by NASA, the US Navy, NOAA, and many others.  Whether it's validating the flying after diving guidelines, or making astronauts more productive during spacewalks, the Duke Hyperbaric medicine has been a part of it.  Join the Down Under Divers on a behind the scenes tour of this impressive facility.  

The current plan* is to meet at DAN HQ at 10am on Saturday, where our own Divemaster and DAN staff member Shelli Wright will lead us on a tour of the organization that has been an important part of dive safety for over 30 years. After that we'll move over to Duke Hospital and wind our way down to the Hyperbaric Center, where chamber operator Eric Schinazi will give us a guided tour.  Finally, for those interested, we'll grab lunch nearby.  

Although the tour is free, space is limited, so please call Down Under (919-852-5333) to sign up.  

* the specific details, including directions, will be emailed to all sign-ups a day in advance.  If renovations currently underway at DAN HQ preclude that part of the tour we'll begin at Duke Hospital at 11 AM.  

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