Florida Springs Trip

Apr 11 to Apr 14


Is cabin fever getting to you? Do you need to burn off some carryover vacation time or just want to get out of Dodge for a few days? Well, we’ve got the solution! Join us on a trip to Florida’s famous spring diving country, where you’ll find fresh, crystal clear water, at a consistent 72 degrees. With surface temperatures often approaching 80 degrees, this is the perfect cure for the midwinter blues.

Devil’s Den
Devil’s Den has one of the most dramatic topside settings of any dive site in Florida. A circular opening, approximately 40 ft across, allows sunlight to illuminate a large pool of crystal clear water 30 ft below. The cavern pool is reached by descending through a narrow rock tunnel. Once underground the dry cave mushrooms to nearly 100 ft and extends even farther under the water’s surface. Depths average 45 ft with a maximum of 65 ft under the ledge. Rumor has it that the world’s largest catfish lives here too.

Blue Grotto
Blue Grotto is a large limestone sink with an 80x20 ft cavern opening, creating a breathtaking underwater vista. (Maximum depth 100 ft.) It offers an entry pool, floating dock, and a guide rope around the cavern’s interior. Surface amenities include hot showers, changing rooms, covered set-up areas, and the always popular hot BBQ sandwiches! Divers enjoy using the underwater air-bell to talk amongst themselves while remaining at 30’ underwater.

Price: $289


Price includes

  • Two (2) days of unlimited diving
  • 3 nights lodging (dbl occupancy)
  • Experienced guide/group leader


Contact the shop for details

Phone: 919-852-5333

E-mail: dive@downunderscuba.com

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